Team Spotlight: Patrícia Golianová - Be Money - The first LGBT+ bank in the USA : Be Money – The first LGBT+ bank in the USA
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The first LGBT+ bank in the USA

This article is a part of Be Money – The first LGBT+ bank in the USA.

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Team Spotlight: Patrícia Golianová

Patricia is a Project Manager for Be Money’s development team. During her IT studies and development work experience, she learnt that business, customers, and the tech world are very disconnected. After working in GINA Software, a company developing systems for the integrated rescue system, she starte a startup solving communication challenges of autistic children. She then joined Vacuumlabs and Be Money where she continues in her mission to connect those worlds while bringing some impact for our society.

What steps led you to Be Money?

I was working as a Project Manager for a banking product while working on my side project developing an app for non-verbal autistic children. I was very tired of my full-time job and another startup life. Be Money connects both – the banking professional life and the impact so I was very happy to join Matej’s team when the opportunity came along. 

When was the first time you thought about money?

I am not from a rich family so the question of money was always there, I knew we could not buy whatever we wanted, and I knew we struggled sometime. At 15, I started working while studying and I spent my whole summer vacation working to have some money for myself. So no fancy memory of saving for something shiny! 🙂

What was your “aha” moment with money?

Money bonds you. For example, when someone gives you money, usually you feel you need to pay it back – any way you can. While working on my tech-for-good startup I knew I needed to make it sustainable. I didn’t want to take investment because that bonds you to something you may not want.

I learned that when I bring value, people want to pay for it – even though they may not have a huge amount of money – they will pay a small price to make their life easier. In the end, this small price bonds me much more – because there is a story behind every small payment – much stronger than the story behind an investment company. I need to deliver the best product possible because they pay all they can. 

What do you do outside of work?

I love adventure! It does not need to be something huge, even small daily adventures are amazing. For example, exploring the country on my bike, hiking, climbing. I am passionate about autism and curious about what people with autism can bring to the world when we help them communicate their ideas and thoughts. 

Favorite LGBT+ business?

I love Gay’s Okay a small cycling apparel brand with its welcoming message.