LGBT+ Business Spotlight - September - Be Money - The first LGBT+ bank in the USA : Be Money – The first LGBT+ bank in the USA
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The first LGBT+ bank in the USA

This article is a part of Be Money – The first LGBT+ bank in the USA.

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LGBT+ Business Spotlight – September

Every Monday, we highlight one of our favorite LGBT+ businesses that are doing awesome things for our community. Here’s who we highlighted this month:

L.A.G Vintage

Image of L.A.G vintage founder, it's instagram handle which is lagvintage and it's location which is Los Angeles

L.A.G Vintage is an online and IRL pickup-only vintage clothing store which sells a variety of fun, colorful clothes. We spoke to one of the founder, and owners about the importance of LGBT+ businesses:

“LGBT+ spaces and places of business are vital to the community. It’s rare to find a place that really empathizes with you on that level . For me it was always more about friendship, fun and knowing you have a place where you are welcome and understood. The difficulties facing our world today are even more of a challenge than it was before. Not just in the level of acceptance but survival of LGBT+ business and spaces that were already facing so many hurdles. It’s now about reimagining what that will look like when we emerge and get our feet back in the ground.”

Folklore Salon and Barber

Image of a tattooed person, the owner of Folklore Salon and barber, smiling

Folklore Salon and Barber is a gender-inclusive hair salon for everyone. It’s recently re-opened during covid and has historically served it’s local community with events and community organizing.

Couplet Coffee

Image of a white lesbian woman looking at the camera, she is the founder of Couplet Coffee

Couplet Coffee is an awesome direct-to-consumer coffee company aiming to take the snobbery out of coffee, built and operated by an entirely women and non-binary team! Their founder Gefen Skolnick writes:

As an openly queer founder of a D2C startup, I do not shy away from being vocal about queer issues and I love to showcase my queerness to the world. Queer representation in startup leadership is scarce – and we should all do our part to share more queer owned business while also support them!

Fluide Beauty

Three gender non-conforming people with varying shades of lipstick pose for the camera.

Fluide Beauty are a makeup and beauty company that recognizes that makeup has no gender and should be fun for all! We especially love their inclusive marketing campaigns and their blog that tackles all sorts of important social justice issues.

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