Jobs at Be Money - Be Money - The first LGBT+ bank in the USA : Be Money – The first LGBT+ bank in the USA
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Jobs at Be Money

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Our Story

Be Money is an LGBT+ focused fintech company that aims to take the awkwardness out of traditional banking and transform the way that LGBT+ people think about their money. We believe in a world where being LGBT+ has no bearing on your financial wellbeing and have created Be Money to help us achieve that goal.

Our community has almost $1B spending power in the US and yet 53% of LGBT+ people struggle to maintain regular savings. Despite that, LGBT+ people have a wide and diverse range of goals that they need financial help to achieve, which include surrogacies, gender transitions, or even retiring in a queer-friendly beach town.

Our mission is to become the first LGBT+ checking account and investment platform that focuses on the financial empowerment of the whole community.

We want to bring specialist LGBT+ digital banking to life. Not with cheap gimmicks, but by empowering LGBT+ people to achieve their life goals though world-class digital banking.

And because all LGBT+ people deserve the chance to be their best selves, we’ll be investing a substantial part of our profits back into local projects targeting the most underprivileged LGBT+ people in our community.